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Center of Certification Sibirtest (Novosibirsk and region)

CERTIFICATION in Russia is a form performed by the body for certification and proving conformity of objects to the requirements of Technical Reglaments, standards and contract provisions. In accordance to the Federal Law “About Technical Regulation” signed on the 27th of December 2002, a certification body may be any legal entity or an individual entrepreneur authorized on the stated order for fulfilling certification works. The objects of certification are products, services and other kinds of objects including processes, works, system qualities etc. Certification in Russia may be voluntary as well as mandatory.

SibirTest constructs its relations with the clients on the balance of mutual interests. We clearly understand how serious and highly organized process Russian certification for foreign and Russian companies seems to be, so SibirTest always takes maximum efforts to make our cooperation the most productive at minimal expenses of your powers and resources.

Our cooperation is distinguished by the high level of organization, quality of performance and the shortest terms.


• The company staff consists of highly qualified specialists who can at any time solve all kinds of problems concerning the product certification. The shortest terms of going through the certification procedure;

• Individual approach to each customer in matters of certification products on the territory of Russia;

• Building trustful and long time relations with customers with the possibility to solve the maximal number of his problems in the sphere of certification;


• Since the day of the company’s foundation, 10 years, we have successfully more than 10000 works in certification for Russian and foreign companies and many of them have been our steady clients.

• More than  75%  works on certification are repeated orders of our clients as well as applications on their recommendations.

• Every month we perform more than 100 orders for certification of products.

Voluntary and mandatory certification of goods in Russia, issuing the Certificate of Conformity

Certification of goods in Russia is divided into two main schemes of drawing up – they are so-called systems of voluntary and mandatory certification of goods. Our experts will provide you with full information about all possible schemes of receiving permissive documents? That could be applied under certain conditions? And the applicant may choose the optimal variant of drawing up. The Certificate of Conformity may be issued for the term from one to three years.

The production in relation to which mandatory requirements of safety are defined, must receive mandatory Certificate of Conformity. This requirement covers both Russian groups of production and the ones imported from abroad.

You can check yourself if the production needs certification. For this you must learn the nomenclature of the production which needs mandatory proving of conformity.  It should be noted that the given lists are corrected every year, and our website gives the most actual data. According to the legal acts, mandatory confirmation of the quality must be brought if the OKP code if the production is mentioned in one of the lists.

The procedure of voluntary certification in Russia is initiated by the applicant, but the availability of voluntary quality certification is a powerful argument for the consumer. It is for this reason that enterprises perform voluntary quality assessment of products sold. In practice, for the buyer it is important to have a document confirming the quality. It does not matter whether it is voluntary or mandatory. After all, any of these documents confirms the safety of products offered, and this is the main criterion for the buyer. It is possible to obtain a certificate of conformity for products only if you have test reports. Therefore, firstly the conduct laboratory research on a product, but only after it the final document is issued